How hassle it is when your furnace is broken and it is the time of the year where the coldest time of the year? You just want to survive and you don’t want to die because of hypothermia. Calling a service company can help you, or simply contact an HVAC company in Denver and e-mail the service company that is working around the clock. As you continue reading, you will know some tips on what to do when things like this happens. 

You just want to be comfortable feeling your bed as the heater sets the mood that is comfortable with you to rest. Feel nothing but comfortable heat from your heater as you lay in bed and read a book or watch movies is the ideal way you want spend your rest time in winter time. But what if your furnace is broken, what do you think you can do to make not only you but the whole house to be bearable to stay in. What can you do when times like this happens? 

  1. Make a call 

Call a professional service company that can cater your needs, by this they can solve your problem as soon as possible. There will be extra charge if it will be an emergency call but it is worth an extra dime rather than suffering from the coldness of the place you are in. The professional hvac service company will be fixing the problem in no time. 

    2. Make a fort 

If it is a night time and you cannot call any service company to offer their services try to this. It may comfortable sleeping or chilling in the bed, but try to go back to your childhood time where all you want is camping and playing castles in the pillow fort. As you do this in the living room just make sure you are far some the fireplace. It is like camping or building the most comfortable bed of pillows in front of your fireplace. 

     3. Bake or Cook 

Either of the two, baking and cooking will help you. Do something where you can move and it will help your body warm up. Not only that, after it is finished you can enjoy what you made, everybody can enjoy what you made in front of the fire place. You can let everybody join you while you are doing your cake, cookies, a dish that everybody loves, it will make that cooking and baking fun. 

     4. Story Time 

This is fun whether you are alone or with kids around because kids can be creative and you make them as the actors of your stories. You can make stories as you turn off the lights and just stay warm in front of your fire place. With special hot chocolate in hand, you can make stories with the kids or simply enjoys the sharing of stories with someone. If you are alone there is no problem, read some books that you enjoy the most or the books that is in your shelf for many months already.