If properly installed and maintained, stamped surfaces will offer years of service like traditional concrete even when subjected to extreme weather conditions like winter frost. Some people are contented with the typical color of concrete. But using color hardeners will give further help by making the surface more resilient and resistant to scratches, and waterproof. Some professional contractors also put a few finishes of sealant so dirt, grease, chemicals, and other things cannot permeate the surface. Applying sealant will make the concrete surface easier to clean. It will also hinder the disappearance of color due to UV rays.

Stamped Concrete

Even after effectively implementing the complete sealing of the stamped concrete, regular maintenance is still of great importance. UV exposure and the frequency of usage of the stamped concrete can greatly affect its condition. Here are some ways on how to clean and care for your stamped concrete to maintain its splendor and make it last longer.


1. Regular Cleaning

Regularly brush and wash your stamped concrete to remove the buildup and prevent it from coming back. You will need a water hose or pressure washer, push broom and a concrete cleanser to do this. A gentle detergent will also do.

2. Resealing

Reseal your stamped concrete every 2 – 3 years. This will help preserve its best condition and make it last longer. To do this, first, you need to rinse it with a high-pressure water or garden hose or a pressure washer. Add a little detergent and scrub with a push broom. Rinse it well. Make sure you eliminate all traces of soap. Allow it to completely dry. A good 24 hours is recommended. Let it air dry or use the help of a leaf blower. Never apply the sealant if it still wet or even half dry. Once it’s completely dry, apply the sealant using a 1-inch roller in small sections. You may use an anti-skid additive and add it to the sealant. Although a 55 – 90-degree Fahrenheit is recommended, always read and follow the manual’s instructions. Let it dry. Try touching it. If it no longer feels sticky, apply the second coat. Yes, a second coat is needed.


  1. Regular Washing
    Regularly brush and wash the surface. You can use a dry dust mop or a wet one. Do this at most every other day to keep it dust-free.
  2. If the stamped concrete is always stepped on, it is essential to care for the sealed surface to prevent it from losing its looks and beauty. Floor wax or polish can give an additional shield to the sealant and prevent it from wearing. It will also prevent scratches, grime or scuffs from penetrating the sealant and the concrete itself.


  1. If you notice that your stamped concrete is starting to lose its shine and luster, recoating with sealant will do the trick.
  2. Do not apply salts on your stamped concrete because of the snow.
  3. Even if you have coated and recoated the stamped concrete, cleaning up spills, oil, or other substances is still a good practice.

If you aren’t sure what to do with your stamped concrete, you can always ask for the help of professionals. Concrete stamping Austin knows just the thing to do.